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"Twitter Tutorial For Beginners To
Social Media

'Learn How I Got Over 45,000 Followers!'
Do You Want To Learn How To Use Twitter To Its Fullest Potential?

Would You Like To Learn How To Increase Your Followers &  Accelerate
      Your Profile So That You Become A Trusted Source That People Come to?

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Katrina KavvalosHello,

And welcome to my website!!

My main aim for this website is to give you as
much VALUE as possible by providing you 
with the
tools necessary, not only to get you
started on Twitter
, but also to gain knowledge
of how to build a following on Twitter!

I got started on Twitter in January 2009 and in a space of just
two short years, I have built a following of over
45,000 people
-using the exact Step-By-Step principles
mentioned in this FREE eBook!!

The eBook is layed out in a very easy manner, to allow a
total beginner to Twitter, to follow and implement
the strategies with great ease!

Let me show you how -FOR FREE - with TWO valuable free gifts!

Frustrated of not knowing how to start on Twitter?

If so, I was in the exact same position a couple of years ago.

I searched endlessly for a 'Twitter Guide'  that would
show me how to use Twitter to its fullest capacity,
           as well as to show me how to increase my twitter followers.

All I found were eBooks and videos that were either too
difficult to understand, or simply didn't give me the answers
           I needed.

This frustration lead me to my decision where I was just to 
 start on Twitter and learn as I went

A few months following, my Twitter followers grew at a
rapid rate & I realised at this moment, that I had 'discovered'
           the 'key' element
needed in gaining followers and
           building relationships.

Several people started asking me 'HOW' I increased my
followers. I initially began to explain to people what I did,
           though the amount of people asking me increased
, so instead of having to repeat myself over and
           over, I decided to
create a ''Twitter Tutorial' that would
get started on Twitter and increase their followers.

I created this  FREE eBook showing screen captures of
exact Steps in creating a Twitter account,
well as critical 'tips' that I have found to be beneficial
in building a Twitter following.

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FREE Gift #1
'8 Tips To Accelerate Your Profile On Twitter'
Exclusive FREE Step-By-Step Tutorial

Twiter Tutorial- 8 Tips To Accelerate Your Profile On Twiiter   Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get
  Started On Twitter

  Why Your Profile Picture Is So Important

  How & When To Tweet (Write A Message)

  The Importance Of Building Relationships

 How To Recommend People To Follow

 How To Reply & Retweet Messages

 And Much Much More......

  Several Websites That Make Twitter Easier

 All Written Especially For Beginners

A Few Testimonails About

'8 Tips To Accelerate Your Profile On Twitter' &
The 'Blueprint Newsletters'

All I can say is THANK YOU!
Thank you for your step-by-step
guides which helped me
exactly what I
 was doing. I had
looking for so long for

something like this!

Natalie Hill - Colorado Springs
You Rock Katrina!
Absolutely Fabulous -
I still can't believe that I
got the eBook and all of
those amazing
newsletters for free!

Gus Rodruiges - Calafornia
...I would have actually paid
for those newsletters -
 they are
just amazing.
I have learnt more

from those newsletters,
than anything else that
I have been reading and
trying to make sense of.

Phil Jones - Canada
All your work is SO easy to
and understand -
I love it - I really

look forward to opening
emails each week
just so that I

can learn something new.

Pamela Carmichael  - NZ
Just wanted to email you to
thank you for taking the
'scare factor' out of starting
with Social Media.
Not only
have I opened up
an account
on Twitter,
but I also have
opened up
accounts with other
Media Sites - thanks to you.

Jill Mccarthy - Brisbane, Australia
I love the fact that everything
is written in such a simple
way that I believe even a 10yr old
can follow. For the first time
 in my life, I actually understand
what I am doing and it's all
 because of you. I can't thank you
enough. You are a true blessing!

Leslie Gail - UK


"What can I offer YOU that is different from
everyone else is offering you - you ask?"

Well that's a great question!

You see, this is where I am different...
I don't want you to simply receive emails from me
           that simply sit 
in your inbox, I want to provide you
           with information that can
HELP YOU - information
           that you can read, understand and

I will provide this information for you in a
STEP-BY-STEP format, no need for hours
         of reading and trying to make sense of it all!

Each week, for 52 weeks - you will receive in your
inbox details
about how to get started on 9 other
           Social Media sites-
sites included are mentioned below.


The reason I created this site, is because I
find a site that would 'hold me by the hand'
           and provide VISUAL
steps on how to get started -
           even though I read several
blogs and articles on
           what to do to get started, it didn't
make sense- not
           only that - i was too scared incase I did something
and created my account incorrectly.

So as I learnt, I documented each step as I went
 - and created this website to explain everything
            in very SIMPLE
and BASIC terms. Also providing
            'screen shots' of each step
so that there is

             no guessing of you should do next.


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eBook & FREE


        FREE GIFT #2 

FREE Membership to
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The 'Blueprint' is a 52+ week Newsletter delivered
into your inbox
every week, written by
       Katrina Kavvalos.

The 'Blueprint' teaches beginners to Social Media
HOW to get started !

Over the 52+ weeks, you will cover 9 Social Media
Each Newsletter will show screen captures
       of how to open up
an account in each of these
       Social Media Sites, as well as screen shots of
       how to use each of these sites.

The 9 Social Media Sites covered over the
52+ weeks are as follows:

You Tube

You will learn what EACH of the above Social
Media sites are used
for and why.

You will be shown Step-By-Step how to open up an
 account for
each of these sites

You will be shown useful techniques for each of these
sites that
can be impliment straight away

An example of what will be covered for Facebook is -

  • How To Create An Account
  • How to Add friends
  • How to Invite Friends
  • How To Upload Photos                 
  • How To Add Video
  • How To Add Photos To Existing Photo Album
  • How To Add Video
  • How To Create A Fan Page
  • How To Receive Facebook Updates On Yor Mobile
  • How To Upload Pictures From Your Mobile  
  • How To Create An Event     Create A Facebook Account
        and much much more...    

To see ONE of the Blueprint
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 And Its All Completely
   100% FREE!!

Now Is Your Chance To Get ALL The Above For FREE!!

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eBook & FREE 

You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

I am looking forward to connecting with you shortly and
showing you how easy it really can be getting started
on Twitter.

To your success,
Katrina Kavvalos
Katrina Kavvalos

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P.P.S- Looking forward to providing you with an abundance of value!

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